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C I V I L  W A R  Book Offer

Buy Sgt. Newlon's complete transcribed Civil War journals, including selected images of original journal pages and photos (337 pp in all ! ). Once purchase is made, send me your email and I'll send you the Dropbox link 
to this pdf document, or I'll snail mail a CD.

Note: your email will not be sold to or shared with anyone. I may send you an email to share Civil War Info from time to time, with your permission.

Vietnam War Book Offer

"Letters Home" is the story, told around my letters home, of my year in Vietnam doing Medical Civic Action (MEDCAP) in villages in the Delta south of Saigon in 1964.

This is unlike any Vietnam story you'll ever read.

I will send you, via Dropbox or on a CD, a copy of "Letters Home"

Just send me your edress, just $5

Are you faculty in a History Dept or a VN Vet? I'll waive the five bucks! 

Email me with your .edu edress or the name of your "In-Country" unit for special arrangements. 

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Catch some of the levity of the "Vietnam Experience".

Here's a collection of stories by "Vietnam Generation" veterans to all who appreciate the many dimensions and permutations of HUMOR.

Contact the author, Jim Barker, at to get your signed copy.

Letters Home  will soon be available in book & ebook formats. is a not-for-profit venture. All proceeds from the site go to its up-keep. Any "left-overs" go to the American Legion and Vietnam Veterans of America.

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"With a young family and bright career future ahead of him, 1st Lt. Clarence R. Green meets his destiny in a trench somewhere in France during the First World War.

From 100 years ago, local newspaper articles, his letters home and family photos tell Clarence's story.

A story of heroism and self-sacrifice.

A story of a small Iowa town's courage amid the anguish wrought by war." 

From Blue to a Gold Star

Written by Chris Newlon Green